Photos of Dungiven Castle

Faded Grandeur by dr_urbanus (Martin)

Dungiven, Co. Derry, N. Ireland.

Dungiven Castle dates back to the seventeenth century although most of the current building dates from the 1830s.

Following a mixed history, which saw it hosting housing the US Army during World War II, and later being used as a dance hall during the 1950s and 1960s, the castle fell into such a state of disrepair that the local council decided to demolish it. A local pressure group fought these plans and in 1989 Glenshane Community Development bought the lease, planning to redevelop the property. Funding was sought and provided by various bodies, including the Heritage Lottery Fund, Limavady Borough Council and the International Fund for Ireland.

In March 2001 Dungiven Castle was re-opened to provide budget accommodation. In 2009 it underwent a complete redevelopment and redecoration of the entire property and become a 4* hotel. The following year, however, it shut its doors again and as can be seen in the photo, the windows are all boarded up. As of February 2011, there is a 'To let' sign at the back of the property.
Dungiven Castle is a tourist attraction, one of the Castles in Dungiven, United Kingdom. It is located: 41 km from Newtown Limavady, 222 km from Belfast, 550 km from Dublin, 600 km from Glasgow, 790 km from Edinburgh. Read further
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